Solved Zpanel Webalizer Stats Module Not Showing Statistics

It has been reported in the Zpanel Forum that the Webalizer module installed with Zpanel on Windows O/S with Apache hasn’t been functioning since ZPanel version 10.1.0

Here is the Zpanel forum thread that leads to the fix.

Here is the thread that contains the file attachment to be downloaded:

You will need to login or register and login to the forum to download the fix. OnDaemonHour.hook.php

Rename and replace the original OnDaemonHour.hook.php file in the following path:


Thanks, bushr4anger

His quote:

You were on the right track, here’s the fix for windows ( was due to webalizer command string being incorrectly formatted )
Just replace OnDaemonHour.hook.php with the attached file

btw… I used the zGodx module to run zDaemon so I could see instant results

Here is the original download link for the PHP file:

This is the same file in a zip archive:

Dumpster in Tow Catches Fire


This was rather unusual. We were driving down 49th Street and turning onto U.S. 19 ramp on the way to St. Petersburg, and we saw this tractor detach its dumpster-in-tow on the highway near the intersection because the dumpster was on fire!!! The police were beginning to block off traffic and the fire truck was just arriving. Not sure what could have caused the dumpster to catch fire.