Congratulations to the Miami Heat – 2013 NBA Champs

2013 NBA Finals - Game Seven

Actually, I was hoping for the San Antonio Spurs to win.  Yet, I congratulate the Heat on a relentless performance.

Special mentions go out to Danny Green, who broke Ray Allen’s record for 3-point shots made in a finals series; to Chris Bosh for an extremely timely rebound and assist to Ray Allen; and to Ray Allen who tied game 6 with a huge pressure 3-pointer at the end of the shot clock which forced an overtime that prevented the Spurs from closing out the series in game 6; to Mike Miller for his hot 3-point shooting in the beginning and middle of this finals series; and to Shane Battier for ending his awful 2013 play-off shooting slump  by contributing mightily in Game 7 to the Heat’s victory.

As to all future NBA games, I would highly recommend that the league should admonish the referees for not calling obvious fouls during the last few minutes of each game.  The refs may think they by not calling these fouls they are letting the players determine the outcome of each game.  However, the refs are actually changing the outcome of games when they intentionally fail to call obvious fouls.  The rules of the game regarding fouls are the same during the entire 48 minutes of regulation time and during each 5 minute overtime.  In other words, a foul is a foul no matter when it’s committed while the clock is running!!!  It is unfortunate that the refs overlook proper calls because they are swayed by sportswriters, announcers and whoever oversees the referees in the league office.

Chris Bosh blocks Danny Green’s 3-point attempt and no foul is called

2013-06-19 00.25.46

There was a lot of body contact for the refs to choke on their whistles.  It is easier to block a shot if your not going to be called for the body foul.  Announcer Jeff Van Gundy commented that this would have been called a foul if it had occurred in the first 45 minutes of the game.  However, this took place in the last second of overtime of Game 6 of the NBA Finals.  I suppose we will never know whether Danny Green would have made the 3 foul shots to tie the game and send it into a second overtime.

What if there was a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and no one knew?

July 2008 Article by Mary Newport, M.D.  Download Article in PDF Here


Dr. Newport’s blog:

New 2013 important Ketone Ester article from Dr. Richard Veech and others based on study ending in 2012.

Download Ketone Ester article here

Title:  A ketone ester diet exhibits anxiolytic and cognition-sparing properties, and lessens amyloid and tau pathologies in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Authors: Yoshihiro Kashiwaya, Christian Bergman, Jong-Hwan Lee, Ruiqian Wan, Richard L. Veech, et al.

Published:  June 2013  Source: — Neurobiology of Aging Vol. 34, Issue 6, Pages 1530-1539