Email forwarding in iRedMail having only Open-Source iRedAdmin Panel

ZPanel has a graphical admin interface which enables email administrators to easily setup email forwarding per user and per domain.  However, the open-source community version of iRedAdmin panel interface does not contain this same capability.  Only the iRedAdmin Pro version enables administrators to setup email forwarding.

iRedMail and ZPanel each utilize the Postfix email service.  Consequently, if both use a MySql database as their back-end to store user email configurations, then each of their MySql database table structures will be quite similar.  Certain fields of the database tables may be a bit dissimilar.

In order to manually configure an email address to forward all received email (and leave a copy of the email on the server) you must use PhpMyAdmin to edit email box records within the ‘goto’ field of the ‘alias’ table of the ‘vmail’ database.

Example — Before Editing the Record:

address field value —
goto field value —

Example — After Editing the Record to Provide Forwarding:

address field value —
goto field value —,

Notice that the email address where you will forward the email is inserted as the first address in the ‘goto’ field, followed by a comma, and followed by the original email box address.  This configuration keeps each received email in the original mailbox ( on the server and forwards a copy of it to the forwarding email address (

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