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Fix Error: Google Chrome Profile Could Not Be Opened Correctly

Here is the fix: In Windows 10, open Windows File Manager (Windows Explorer). Make sure that you configure folder options to display hidden files and folders.

Follow this path:

  • This PC
  • Local Disk (C:)
  • /Users
  • /(Your Username)
  • /AppData
  • /Local
  • /Google
  • /Chrome
  • /User Data
  • /Default

Scroll Down within the /Default folder and Find and Delete the file called “Web Data.”

You may be restricted from deleting the “Web Date” file because it is in use by Google Chrome processes.  In this case, you will first need to stop all the Chrome processes and add-ons sub-processes.  Close each Chrome browser window.  Click simultaneously the keys, CTRL + ALT + Delete. Then, select task manager.   Select the Processes tab.  On the left menu under “Apps,” if any Chrome browser windows are still open, you will need to expand the Google Chrome (32 bit) app/s, right click each Chrome Page or Tab that you find in the list, and left click “end task.”  This should close all open Chrome pages and tabs.  Under “Background Processes” in the left menu list, just right-click each Google Chrome (32 bit) sub-process, and Left click to select “End Task” for each.  Now, you can proceed to delete the “Web Data” file.

Steve Stine- Learn to Connect All of the Pentatonic Positions


First Position:       A Minor           Notes

1 – 4                            5 – 8                   A (root) – C
1 – 3                            5 – 7                   D – E
1 – 3                            5 – 7                   G – A  (root)
1 – 3                            5 – 7                   C – D
1 – 4                            5 – 8                   E – G
1 – 4                            5 – 8                   A (root) – C

2nd Position:      A Minor            Notes

2 – 4                           8 – 10                 C – D
1 – 4                           7 – 10                 E – G
1 – 4                           7 – 10                 A – C
1 – 3                           7 –    9                 D – E
2 – 4                           8 – 10                 G – A
2 – 4                           8 – 10                 C – D

Installing 8GB of DDR2 RAM in Dell PowerEdge SC440

See this Article from an SC440 owner in Japan:

Use page translate.

He was using PC2-5300 ECC Unbuffered RAM.  I will try PC2-6400 ECC Unbuffered 800Mhz RAM. Hopefully, it is backwards compatible to 667Mhz and 533Mhz.

I already installed 8GB PC2-5300 ECC unbuffered RAM and it works just fine in the Dell PowerEdge SC440.

DAA Opt-Out of Targeted Advertising Interest-based Advertising

Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice Page

Go here using the particular browser that you wish to set your opt-out cookies:

Microsoft Opt-Out regarding browser and apps:


Toggle Preferences on/off for Microsoft and Internet Explorer:

  • Personalized ads in this browser.
  • Personalized ads when you use your Microsoft Account.