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Adding Strict Transport Security Response Header in IIS

Make sure the web.config file in the root directory of your website is not set to read only on the properties page for that file.

Open Internet Information Services Manger.  Select the website where you want to add this Strict-Transport-Security response header.  Double click and select the Icon for HTTP Response Headers.

In HTTP Response Headers window, click on Add… on the right pane and type in Strict-Transport-Security for Name and max-age=63072000; includeSubDomains; preload for Value and click OK. The max-age value 63072000 is the number of seconds for the duration of two years. You need to enter a value of at least one year.

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Exchange 2010 OWA Options or Inbox Rules Will Not Load – Server 2008 R2

When you are logged into Outlook Web Access (OWA) and you try to access “Options” such as “Create Inbox Rule” or “All Options,” you get redirect to an error message page that says, “Unexpected Error – An error has occurred and your request couldn’t be completed. Please try again.”

When you load (run) the performance monitor

Start > Run > c:\perfmon (Enter)

you may see this alert box for “Performance Monitor Control” when you select, or whenthe snap-in console is focused on, “Performance” in the left menu: 



Rebuilding the Performance Counter Setting, using the lodctr /R command from a command prompt (opened with Run as Administrator) allows the Options pages in OWA to properly load:

On the server, click Start , in the search box, type, cmd.exe

In the search results shown above the search you performed, right-click on the “cmd.exe” result, and left-click on and to select the option to “Run As Administrator.”

When the command window opens, make sure that your command prompt shows:


otherwise, enter this to change directory:

cd\Windows\System32 (Press Enter key on your keyboard)

Then enter the following command to rebuild the performance counter setting:

lodctr /R (Press Enter key on your keyboard)

It takes quite a while for the lodctr /r command to completely execute, and there is no progress indicator!  BE PATIENT AND LET IT RUN TO CONCLUSION.  The cursor just seems to hang after you enter the lodctr /R command and press (Enter).  Remember to also “resetiis” from the command window after successfully rebuilding performance counter setting. 

Here are a few articles that I found which address these issues and possibly your issues:

How to Customize the Footer in WordPress Twenty Seventeen Theme

This Update was published Sept 9, 2021. This is possibly a better method to insert a copyright notice or other site information into the footer of your Twenty-Seventeen WordPress Theme.  First, search for and install the plugin known as “Options for Twenty-Seventeen.” Then, in the WordPress Administrator’s Dashboard, go to “Appearance,” select “Widgets,” and insert (drag) a “Text” widget into the “Site Info” widget area.  There is no need to insert a title to the text widget.  Just insert the copyright notice or other desired text into the Text widget that you want to appear in the Site Info area of the footer of each page of your website. Click “Done” when finished adding text in the Text Widget.

Following is this article as originally published on 03-18-2017:

In the WordPress Admininstrator’s dashboard, select >Appearance, select >Editor, and select >footer.php from the list on the right margin.

Edit the footer.php file.

Locate this part of the footer.php file:

get_template_part( ‘template-parts/footer/site’, ‘info’ );
</div><!– .wrap –>

Change that part as follows:

Insert “//” at the beginning of the “get_template_part” line in order to comment-out this line. Next, insert the 4 lines shown below between the “?>” line and the </div><!– .wrap –> line.

//get_template_part( ‘template-parts/footer/site’, ‘info’ );
<div class=”site-info”>
<a href=””>Copyright 2017, Your site name</a>
</div><!– .wrap –>

Customize by fixing the URL —  and Your site name.

Save your changes / update / the footer.php file.

Note:  Your modifications will likely be overwritten in the next WordPress version update.  That’s okay.  And, it might be easier to again edit the footer.php after the version update rather than trying to figure out how to use a child theme that would preserve your modifications from being overwritten due to a version update.

DAA Opt-Out of Targeted Advertising Interest-based Advertising

Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice Page

Go here using the particular browser that you wish to set your opt-out cookies:

Microsoft Opt-Out regarding browser and apps:


Toggle Preferences on/off for Microsoft and Internet Explorer:

  • Personalized ads in this browser.
  • Personalized ads when you use your Microsoft Account.