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NextGen Gallery Plugin Stops If PHP.ini Base64_Decode Function is Disabled

If you disable the base64_decode function in php.ini, then your NextGen Gallery stops working. This will be evident if you try to go to a gallery page and it says ‘Gallery not found. Please check your settings.’ Also, if you try to configure “Gallery Settings” in the dashboard, the Gallery Settings page does not display properly. It merely displays a bunch of code jammed together in the same paragraph as if you opened a php file using Windows notepad instead of an advanced php script editor.

If your self-hosted WordPress websites are being infected by injections of base64 encoded gibberish, then there are a couple remedies. You could install the Suhosin Patch (php extension), or you could simply disable the base64 decode function in the ‘php.ini’ configuration file. On a Windows server, open php.ini with a good editor, like notepad++, and insert a semicolon to comment out this line:

; disable_functions =

Then, insert an additional line as follows:

disable_functions = base64_decode

Save the php.ini file as revised.

Restart your internet information web service as follows:

Open a command line by clicking start, clicking run, and then type:
cmd [enter]

Next, at the command prompt, type:
net stop w3svc [enter]
net start w3svc [enter]