Upgrading MyBB To Version 1.8.0

Upgrade Instructions

These instructions apply to upgrades on Windows server running Apache web server as well as upgrades on linux server installations except that with linux you may need to set various folder permissions.

  • Download MyBB version 1.8.0
  • Extract the website files from the downloaded ZIP file into a temporary folder of your choice
  • Backup your MyBB database and all MyBB website files and folders (in case you need to revert to the previous version 1.6.15 or earlier)
  • Copy the /inc/settings.php and /inc/config.php files to a separate folder (as a backup) so that you can copy them back into the website later
  • Disable any plugins that you have installed
  • You may choose to disable the board, but I didn’t and the upgrade went fine
  • Overwrite the files and folders in the website by coping or FTP uploading all of the new extracted version 1.8.0 files and folders into your website (use the root or forum sub folder that you previously used with the existing installation of MyBB
  • Replace the newly uploaded files named settings.php and config.php with the files those same two files that you previously copied to a separate folder.
  • You may need to delete the “lock” file in the “/install” folder of your website so that you don’t receive an error message alerting you to delete the “lock” file when you access upgrade.php
  • Now for this installation — Open a web browser and enter the address to the page /install/upgrade.php
  • Select the version of MyBB that you were previously running and click Next

2014-10-11 23_15_24-MyBB Installation Wizard _ Welcome

  • Follow the upgrade process making sure each step is completed successfully before clicking next to continue with subsequent steps of the upgrade process
  • Once the upgrade process is completed, then remove the install directory from your web server (or rename it) and follow any remaining instructions in the upgrade wizard, or in the announcement for the upgrade. This can include reverting selected templates to default.

2014-10-11 23_22_37-MyBB Installation Wizard _ Upgrade Complete

  • Enable any plugins one at a time and determine whether they require updating.  Have updated plugins ready to be installed.
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