Conect to Ubuntu via Windows Remote Desktop Protocol

Install xRDP on Ubuntu 12.04

Open a terminal window CTRL+ALT+T

sudo apt-get install xrdp (enter)
answer Y(es) when promted

After installing xRDP, make sure Ubuntu xRDP is listening on Tcp Port 3389. Somehow it proxies to 5210. Enter this at the terminal:

netstat -an | grep “LISTEN ” | grep “:3389”

Make sure that your router is port forwarding TCP port 3389 to the lan IP of your Ubuntu.

From Windows 7, click Start, Programs, Accessories, and select Remote Desktop Connection. Enter the router public IP or fully qualified of your Ubuntu server. No username or password is necessary at this point. Click connect.

You should go past the windows warning to allow desktop connection.

At the Screen that says Login to xrdp, Make sure the module in the dropdown list is sesman-Xvnc. Enter your username or root, enter your password, and click OK.

You should connect.

If you only achieve a desktop background, without side or top Ubuntu desktop menu items, then you may need to install Ubuntu gnome session fallback or somehow make 2d the default for xRDP connections rather than Unity 3d.

So, if you have a problem connecting, run the commands below and restart Ubuntu, and try connecting again.

echo “gnome-session –session=ubuntu-2d” > ~/.xsession

Or install gnome session fallback.

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Here are the links references that I must credit as the configuration resources for the instructions and content of this post:

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