The Art of Making Halupki (Cabbage Rolls)


Preparing the cabbage leaves:  Carve the core from the bottom of the cabbage head.  Immerse the head of cabbage in a large stove top pot containing lightly boiling water and let it soften the cabbage head a bit so the leaves start to peel away.  Use a long cooking fork to hold the cabbage still while using a pair of cooking tongs to separate each cabbage leaf from the head.

Cut the tough piece from each leave, place a half handful of seasoned ground beef, pork and rice mixture onto the cabbage leaf, and roll the cabbage leaf around this meat and rice stuffing as shown in the video.  Stack the cabbage rolls in a large roaster pot.

Reserve the boiling cabbage water and add tomato paste and brown sugar per recipe.  Heat and stir this sauce mixture until everything is well dissolved.  Then, pour the sauce over the cabbage rolls in the roaster pot (fill to about half way up the top layer of cabbage rolls) before covering the pot and baking them in the oven per recipe.

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