Nikola Vucevic dunks over Pau Gasol Left-handed

This video is apparently from the Chicago announcers’ perspective.

Last night Nikola Vucevic put up a mere 33 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. He shoots a great percentage from the free throw line, plus has moves for inside hooks and makes his outside jumpers too. Victor Oladipo had 33 points as well in the almost wire-to-wire Magic win over the Eastern Conference Central Division leading Bulls.

Vooch was a bit frustrated at not getting any calls from the refs when he was clearly fouled driving to the basket on the previous couple plays. So, Nik decided to become emphatic about it. The DUNK with the LEFT! I bet the refs notice him in the future. However, I doubt that Nik will get any more “respect” from future calls. Just the way it is in this league. If you are not boastful and just go about your business putting up all star numbers night in and night out, nobody goes out of their way to notice it.

Don’t forget that he shoots free throws at a better percentage than most guards in the league. I want him taking the Magic’s free throws on illegal defense and delay of game calls. Can’t say that for Dwight.

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