Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight – Rising Stars Game 02-15-2013

Start the Video and let it completely load into buffer.  It’s real HD so it will take a while.

[wposflv src= Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight height=480 width=640 title=”Rising Stars Game 02-15-2013″ previewimage=”×576.jpg”]

The first crosslover and step-back move by Kyrie was beautiful to watch live.  However, upon review, Kyrie already took his first step left after he stopped dribling and gathered the ball.  The next two steps left in the “step-back” move equals a total of three steps (and that’s traveling —  Even for the NBA  — But, apparently not traveling in the Rising Stars Challenge or the All Star Game.).  After you gather the ball and both or your feet are on the floor, you only get one and one-half steps boys!

Download MP4 Video Here


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