Installing Windows Server Backup Features on Server 2008 R2

Even though Windows Server Backup may be listed in your Administrative Tools, we still need to actually install the Windows Server Backup feature. The easiest way to install Windows Server Backup and the Backup Tools is by using Add Features in the Server Manager.

  1. Log into Windows as Administrator or with a different account having administrative privileges.
  2. Select Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools, and finally Server Manager.
  3. Select  the Add Features link on the right panel and the Add Features Wizard will start.
  4. Select the plus sign next to Windows Server Backup Features. Check the box next to Windows Server Backup Features and then also check the sub box next to Command Line Tools to make sure they are installed as well.  In other words, both sub boxes under Windows Server Backup Features will be checked. Then, click the Next button.
  5. Review the Confirm Installation Selections page and then click the Install button.
  6. After installation of Windows Backup Server Features is complete, review the installation results and then click the Close button.

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