Chicken Kabsa (Kubseh)

Special Chicken Kabsa (Kubseh)

Special Kubseh!  “It’s tastes whats counts,” says Abdulwahab.

“Frlunk makes it Kubseh the best!”

Give thanks before we partake.  Praise be to God.  Alhamdulillah  الحمد لله


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One thought on “Chicken Kabsa (Kubseh)”

  1. Just got a chance to reread your email.
    1. You spelled kubseh “cubseh” on my recipe that you from 1983? ( I have the original recipe on the paper that you wrote for me when I was moving to Corning NY) What is the correct spelling?
    2. I recognize THAT plate.
    3. I am coming to PBG in September.
    4. Where?

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