CBS Nation Tracker YouGov Surveys of Americans’ View of Trump

Anthony Salvano explained on Face the Nation that Americans who were polled can basically be separated or placed into four categories as to how they view Donald Trump and how he is performing in office so far:

  • Trump Believers;
  • The Conditionals;
  • The Curious; and
  • The Resisters.

Americans' View of Donald Trump

Among the category of “Believers” in Donald Trump, they were asked how well the President is delivering on what he promised.   So far, they are mostly satisfied with how Donald Trump is delivering.  Here is how the “Believers” replied.


Among the “Conditionals” category, Trump is likely to lose their support depending on what he accomplishes or how he acts.


Among the “Curious” category, Donald Trump will likely gain their support if he does the following.  Notice that the the “Curious” want him to fix the economy, which is a common thread with the “Conditionals.”  However, Trump will lose support among the curious if he respects their differing views on certain issues.
Among the Curious

Finally, comes the category of the “Resisters.”  Here is the comparison of the Curious and the Resisters on working with Donald Trump on various elements of his espoused agenda.

Among the Resisters

The Resisters category is about 80% / 20% in opposing that Democrats try to work with Trump.  Where the Curious category are nearly 50% / 50% on whether Democrats should try to work with the President.

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