Adaptec 1430SA Raid Controller Drivers Compatible with Storage Manager

Use Raid Controller Drivers that are compatible with the most functional version of Adaptec Storage Manager in order to properly monitor your mirrored hard drives and your Raid-1 Array.  You want to be able to see all Direct-attached devices (hard drives) on ports 0, 1, 2, and 3 of the 1430SA Raid Controller Card, as well as see the status of the logical device Raid-1 Array.  The status will include Optimal, Degraded, or Rebuild.  During a rebuild, you can monitor the percentage completion of the synchronization of the drives.

  • AdaptecStorageManager64-bit Raid Adaptec Storage Manager for Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

— Driver Provider:  Adaptec
— Version:
— File Name:  asm_windows_x64_v6_50_18584.exe

Download Page:

Adaptec Storage Manager v6.50.18584 for Windows x64
Filename: asm_windows_x64_v6_50_18584.exe
Date: 8 Nov 2010
Size: 53.4 MB
Language: English US
Version: 6.50.18584

  • Software Drivers for Adaptec AAR-1430SA Serial ATA HostRAID Controller. When installed, the driver details page of Windows Device Manager for this Adaptec storage controller shows:

— Driver Provider: Adaptec
— Driver Date: 02-23-2012
— Driver Version: 1.5.11999.1
— Digital Signer: PMT – Sierra US, Inc

Download Page:

Info per download page (is slightly different than installed driver information shown in Windows device manager for this Adaptec Storage controller):
Filename: aar81xx_x64_win2k3_win7_b11999_1.exe
Date: 28 Nov 2012
Size: 324 KB
Language: English US
Version: 1.5-0 b11999.1


Caution:  Create backup images of your disk partitions before updating your Raid Controller Drivers through the Windows “device manager.”  For Backup Partition Images, look into Macrium Reflect or EASEUS ToDo.

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